Before you start to apply your sticker, take your time and be sure to thoroughly read all these application instructions first.

Although our stickers are easy to fit, it does require a little patience. Care needs to be taken when fitting your sticker as it’s not a reusable items. They can more than likely be damaged because of a careless mistake.

Our stickers can be applied on even, smooth surfaces such as smooth walls, glass, windows, doors, tables, smooth metal, plastic surfaces, finished wood furniture, and in the bathrooms as well (bathtub, tiles, etc…).

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Special attention for vehicle application: ideally apply your transfer sticker to your vehicle when it’s not too hot, so not in direct sunlight, windy or too cold.

For large stickers, follow this instructions here.

Backing Paper and Transfer Film/Paper can be disposed of as household-type industrial waste (EU waste code number 20 03 01): MIXED WASTE (BLACK BAG)